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Why do plastic charge pipes fail? 

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Vehicle manufacturers use restrictive, plastic pipes that are prone to fail and choke your engine. Factory pipes are made of cheap plastic which restrict airflow from the turbo to intercooler and from the intercooler to the intake throttle body. Most factory pipes use accordion bends which restrict air flow and causes air turbulence or turbo lag. Factory charge pipes are thinner in diameter which also restricts air flow. It’s common for stock charge pipes to grenade, melt or crack at the throttle body under increased boost pressure and even at stock boost pressure because they are not resistant to corrosion. Pipes get coated with oil which degrades the plastic and when combined with high engine bay temperatures, will become brittle and break.

Common Reasons Why Plastic Charge Pipes Fail

Factory pipes are made of brittle plastic which will degrade and break overtime.

High engine bay temps cause plastic pipes to breakdown more rapidly.

Oil degrades plastic and will collect on charge pipes causing them to breakdown.

Stock boost pressure will cause degraded factory charge pipes to blow off.

Increased boost pressure will cause factory charge pipes to blow off or break.

What is the solution?

Trüpower Charge Pipes & Boost Pipes allow your turbo charged engine to breathe the way it was meant to breathe. Trüpower pipes have smooth bends and 2.5-3” T6061 high grade aluminum piping to ensure increased smooth air flow. Smooth, unrestricted air flow will improve engine performance, improve engine and fuel efficiency, increase throttle response for faster acceleration and maximize power output of your turbo engine.

The Trüpower Advantage: 

  • Noticeable horsepower gains
  • Increased torque to the wheels
  • Increased throttle response for faster acceleration
  • Faster turbo spooling and decreased turbo lag
  • Throttle body matched piping for guaranteed perfect fitment
  • Durable wrinkle black powder coat finish
  • 4 ply silicone boots & stainless steel clamps
  • Includes 1/8″ NPT bung for meth/water injection
  • Constructed from T6061 mandrel bent, welded aluminum
  • Includes everything necessary to upgrade from stock pipes
  • Easy to install
  • Necessary durability mod
  • Avoid having to get a tow when your charge pipe breaks apart
  • Lifetime warranty
  • They just look better than factory charge pipes and boost pipes
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Constructed from T6061 mandrel bent, welded aluminum for added durability.

Increased diameter piping to ensure smooth airflow and eliminate turbo lag.

High quality clamps to ensure silicone boots are attached securely and eliminate air leaks.

Throttle body matched piping for guaranteed perfect fitment and leak free seals.

Precision CNC milled aluminum fittings guarantee longevity and performance.

Superior grade silicone boots to withstand increased boost pressure.

Intercooler Piping September 23, 2020