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Why do common rail diesel fuel injectors fail?

GMC Duramax Common Rail Diesel Fuel Injectors

Common rail diesel fuel injectors are critical components of any diesel engine and must be designed to withstand conditions of extreme pressure and heat inside the cylinder while compressing and atomizing fuel (turning the liquid into a mist) for efficient delivery to the engine combustion chamber. The right amount of quality fuel must be provided at the right moment in a suitable condition for an efficient combustion process. Low quality or contaminated fuel is the cause for the majority of diesel engine problems. Operating conditions like short runs, excessive idling, cool operating, high pressure and high temperatures will also decrease the life of your diesel injectors. Over time, the moving components inside the injector assembly wear and degrade and will become unable to perform their function. 

Common Symptoms of Faulty Fuel Injectors

  • Trouble starting
  • Powerloss
  • Uneven or rough idling
  • Cold or hot engine knock
  • Misfire or no start
  • Diesel smell
  • Excessive black or white smoke from exhaust
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Sludgy oil
  • Potential engine failure


NOTICE: If you experience any of these symptoms with your diesel engine, it’s time to have your injectors either repaired or replaced before more permanent engine damage occurs. 

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What is the solution?

Trüpower diesel injectors are manufactured with high-speed steel using advanced processing & testing equipment, adhering to strict quality control guidelines and OEM specifications to ensure superior injection timing, atomization, bulk mixing, air utilization and injection quality. Our engineers have more than 20 years experience manufacturing diesel injection systems and common rail system components which has allowed us to produce injectors that will ensure durability, quieter performance, improved fuel economy, higher torque and lower emissions. We don’t believe in overkill when it comes to product quality so all of our diesel fuel injectors have been thoroughly performance tested in our manufacturing facility and at GCL Diesel in Edmonton AB, Canada. Trüpower diesel injectors are durable, perform equal to or better than any OE injectors on the market, are cost effective and backed by a 1 year warranty.

Diesel Injectors September 23, 2020