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Why should l upgrade my air intake system?

upgrade my air

Heat is the enemy of any engine. Cold air is denser with higher oxygen content. When colder air enters the engine, power and torque will increase. Factory OEM cold air intake systems use restrictive piping and allow hot engine bay air to be sucked into the engine. Trüpower Cold Air Intake systems will deliver colder, denser, oxygen rich air to your turbo charged engine for guaranteed horsepower and torque gains. Trüpower intake pipes are constructed from T6061 high grade, mandrel bent, welded aluminum piping to ensure smooth air flow and eliminate air turbulence. Trüpower durable 100% polyurethane air filters are resistant to chemicals and high temperatures. The pleats were specially designed with a larger surface area to maximize air flow and filtration. A cold air intake upgrade is a very important modification for turbo charged engines (especially if you’re planning on tuning your engine) with substantial horsepower and torque gains.

Cold, Dense, Oxygen Rich Air Improves Engine Performance

Engines require oxygen for combustion. When cold, dense, oxygen rich air is delivered to the engine, combustion improves, resulting in substantial horsepower gains.

Improved combustion enhances overall engine performance due to colder, oxygen rich air intake. The increased airflow will also maximize throttle response for faster acceleration.

Turbulent airflow is a common issue with all turbo charged engines. Trüpower air intakes use unobstructed piping for increased airflow, resulting in faster turbo spooling and decreased turbo lag.

Trüpower air intake filters are placed away from the heat of the engine to draw in colder air for increased torque to the wheels. This equates to more speed off the line and more towing power.

Air Intake Systems April 26, 2020